Some tips and tricks in how to get your BB Loh! But first, a quick intro of the what’s the buzz about Huat Pals and Google Pay.

Google has recently launched a fun activity in the Google Pay beta version. If you have not downloaded it already, go ahead and download it here using my referral link and we both stand to get $3 once you transferred $10+ to your GPay friends or businesses. From time to time, Google Pay has launched a few marketing campaigns that Moolah-Man has benefitted. Thanks Google and Huat Ah!!!

Introducing, Google Pay Huat Pals!!

The mission is pretty simple. Collect all 5 Huat Pals characters by Feb 26, 2021 11:59PM and stand a chance to win up to S$88.88.

  • Lenny the Steady Lantern
  • Rara the Lion Dancer
  • Neo the Loyal Ox
  • Ah Huat the Boss Pineapple
  • BB Loh the Little Lohei

Now now, Google is not going to give out free money that easily, of course. Different characters have different rarity. The above list is sorted based on lowest rarity first.

As you can see in the below screenshot, Moolah-Man only manages to get 4 out of 5 Huat Pals thus far. If you have one BB Loh to trade, feel free to reach out to me, pls! Mr Moolah has the complete set now 🙂

Full Huat Pal Set
Full Huat Pal Set

So how does one get a Huat Pal?

There are four missions that enables one to receive Huat Pals. The missions reset every day when the clock strikes 12 midnight.

  1. Pay $10 to your Google Pay friends (easiest to achieve!) – 3 Huat Pals / day
  2. Pay $10+ to businesses with Google Pay – 3 Huat Pals / day
  3. Complete a referral – 3 Huat Pals / day
  4. Gift Huat Pals to unique Google Pay users (second easiest!) – 8 Huat Pals / day

Tips and Tricks to Earn Huat Pals

If you do not have many GPay friends in your circle, you may choose to deploy the following “kiasu” or “easy win” strategies:

1. Transfer $10+ to your a Google Pay friend of yours and instantly get 3 Huat Pals (1st mission)

Why risk sending money to your friend who are not active in GPay while you can send just a $10 to a trusted friend, and earn 3 Huat Pals instantly. Of course, if both you and your friend exchanges the $10 transaction, it’s a net-net gain here.

2. Join the “Huat Pals!!” Telegram Group (4th mission)

The telegram group now has 4296 members and 1405 online members as of time of writing this blog. Rest assured, the group is muted so you won’t get spammy notifications on your phone. If you need to gift out Huat Pals for the fourth mission, this is the most effective way of getting all 8 Huat Pals.

All you need to do is to click on the links the Telegram users posted requesting for gifts, and give the Huat Pal that you have in abundance. You can choose to request for the Pal you need, and share the URL to the group. One thing to note though, the links can get expired pretty quick. So only click on the most recent link.

3. BB Loh – Where Art Thou?

BB Loh
The Elusive BB Loh

Known sightings: Thru referrals, gift baskets and via gifting to unique users.

Bonus: Gift Baskets, More Huat Pals

Gift baskets are given out when you receive the Ah Huat the Boss Pineapple. You’ll know it when you see a basket hovering above your Ah Huat character.

There are 5 random gifts in a basket to be shared among your GPay friends (you can get one yourself). Fastest fingers first! If you’re lucky, you can get a scratch card or even a Fairprice Online voucher. The most common items in the basket are Huat Pal characters. Worst of all, Lenny! Please, no more Lenny!!!

Evolution of Lenny

Final Verdict

There you have it. Google has figured out a way to make this fun and simultaneously allowing more users to be onboard to GPay whilst getting good data about your closest friends, your spending behavior, etc. Haha!

Have fun and stay safe throughout the Chinese New Year, folks!

Update: BB Loh seems to be retrievable via referrals. Just invite your friends/family and transfer $10 to each other.

Update 2 (Feb 10, 2021): Lenny has been updated to Lenn-Er. Much handsome. Very wow.

Update 3 (Feb 11, 2021, 12+AM): The telegram group now has 11,802 members and still growing! In my years of joining so many Telegram groups, I have never witnessed such a user growth. If this group is a stock, this will be GME! 🚀🚀🚀💎👏 Kudos to the admin for bringing us together.

Update 4 (Feb 12, 2021): Miss Moolah has gotten her first BB Loh from gifting a Lenny to a random stranger in the Telegram group. Seems like you don’t have to refer anyone to the app. 13,896 users in the group now 🚀

Update 5 (Feb 12, 2021): Mr Moolah has gotten his BB Loh as well 🙂 From a gift basket! Huat ah!!!! Happy CNY to all!