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Tell Me About Yourself

The question that we always hear at the start of all job interviews: “Tell me about yourself”. Do you think the hiring managers all want to know more about you? Or are they just buying time to read your CV because they haven’t yet?

Just a random thought. Of course, without further ado.

Who is Moolah-Man?

Moolah-Man Portrait
Moolah-Man’s Self Portrait

I’m 27 year old this year, working in the little red dot of Asia Pacific – Singapore. After having lost more than S$40k in the equities market (stopped counting after losses exceed the depressing 40 thousand mark) , I have vowed to get my shit together.

It’s like the first game of bowling, even though the ball just doesn’t strike all of the pins and even landed in the gutter, I believe that with practice comes mastery. This is my journey in attempt to rebuild myself after having 2 years of savings down the proverbial drain.

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.

Warren Buffett

Tell Me More, Moolah-Man!

Dedicated to improve on my personal finance, this website shall be a medium to hold myself accountable as I will regularly track my own net worth and publish it in this blog. I will also pen my thoughts down before making decisions in investing, so as to not make rash decisions.

This is the commitment I’m making to improve myself as the dreaded year 2020 ends.

Go For It
Photo by Brett Jordan

Call To Action!

Moolah-Man urges everyone to develop the habit of tracking self net worth and getting well-versed in all things finance. At the same time, be a better person to people around you. Think of ways to contribute to the society. Start small and build up momentum to ameliorate the world for the next generation!
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