As the year 2020 ends, it’s time to reflect back on what Moolah-Man has achieved (or how many moolahs gathered).

Moolah-Man includes his CPF, investments, liquid cash, credit card debts and student loan into the net worth calculation. Main goals right now would be to pay off the student loan and to save for a property with Miss-Moolah.

The year 2020 has been a ride filled with disheartening experiences, disappointments and missed opportunities to get to where I am today. It may not be a significant accomplishment to many of you high-flyers out there. But to Moolah-Man, he is quite satisfied with his achievements. One of it being crossing the $100k personal milestone before turning 27.

For starters, Moolah-Man is crestfallen that he is unable to commit to his dream of yearly travels due to COVID-19 spreading across the globe. But on the bright side, this means more money saved for the upcoming year. 😀

Also, Moolah-Man missed out the wonderful opportunity of putting in some moolahs to the stock market during the Coronavirus Crash in March 2020. This reminded him of the importance of having enough “bullets” to invest in market corrections.

To my dearest viewers, heed the call to action. In 2021, Moolah-Man aspires to give away some moolahs to the following causes:

  • Animal Welfare/Liberation,
  • Environment,
  • and Education.

Feel free to join the movement or contribute to the cause of your own!