A sad drop in Moolah-Man’s net worth happened in the month of February.

Peace of Mind

Moolah-Man took back his capital and sold half when GME fell, still yielding a 100 plus percentage gain. This is helpful for Moolah-Man’s peace of mind and is able to sleep soundly throughout the volatility while the hedge funds are executing short ladder attacks.

Meanwhile, Moolah-Man is still holding his other half and believes in GME will soar again. To understand why Moolah-Man is still feeling convicted about the stock, check out the previous net worth update here.

House Committee Hearing on Market Manipulation

For those who are unaware, our r/wallstreetbets GME god DeepF**ckingValue, billionaire Citadel CEO Kenneth Griffin, Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev, Reddit Cofounder Steve Huffman were being called by the Congress to comment on what happened in January when GME skyrocketed. The price of the stock was pressed down almost as quickly afterwards after Robinhood blocked retail investors’ ability to buy.

Highlights of the video is also summed up in this article by Forbes.

Chinese New Year

Had a great time with my relatives and friends. Won a little bit of moolah from “card games”. Thanks to Google Pay, Moolah-Man now has a lot of Fairprice vouchers. If you need some, reach out to Moolah-Man.

After Thoughts

Moolah-Man is still pretty certain that he could recover back the drop in net worth as long as he keeps going. Looking forward for the upcoming month’s net worth update. #HangInThere